Childrens Dentist Dublin

We believe a healthy and happy mouth starts at a young age. We encourage parents (or legal guardian) to bring their children to our practice from an early age.

Not only are we very experienced in providing dental treatment for children, we enjoy providing pediatric dentistry in Dublin.

Dental Check Up For Children

Our children dentists are excellent at giving oral health care advice to parents, guardians and children. We feel it is very important for our dentists, to be able to break down complex dental terminology, in a way that all parents, guardians and children can understand. 

The paediatric dental guidelines now indicate that infants as young as one year old, should be attending a dentist regularly for a general dental examination. It is important to familiarise infants and children with the dental environment from a young age, so it does not become a daunting process for them.

Our aim is for all children to enjoy their visit to the dentist, to help build a healthy life long relationship with their oral health.

If children regularly have dental examinations and good dental care in childhood, they are more likely to avoid major dental work being required in adulthood. 

Pediatric Dentists Dublin

A paediatric dental examination is important to screen for any dental issues early, so we can do minimal pediatric dentistry where needed, to avoid major dental procedures in childhood. In challenging cases a referral to a pediatric dentist specialist may be required. 

In the Meath Dental Clinic, we pride ourselves on welcoming the entire family of all ages for their dental care. In some cases, a paediatric specialist referral may be required for your child. In order to obtain a paediatric specialist referral, children must receive a general dental examination with a dentist initially. 

We look forward to welcoming you and your family to the Meath Dental Clinic where is provide great dentistry for children in a fun way. 

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Great dental practice. Professional, great service. Location perfect too.
I had a recent visit to the Meath Clinic and the service I got was excellent. I will definitely be letting my friends know about it. Very happy patient.
Excellent service from all the staff , great practice with a lovely atmosphere. I'd highly recommend to others
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