Dental Scale and Polish

Dental Scaling and polishing is the procedure where the dentist removes hard deposits from your teeth along with staining. It is recommended that a professional scale and polish along with a dental examination, should be carried out every six months for most patients. This will help prevent problems occurring in your gums and teeth.


At the Meath Dental Clinic, we aim to educate all of our patients on good oral hygiene habits for life. One of the foundations of good general health is good oral hygiene (cleaning), as your mouth plays a very important role for good health and wellbeing. The mouth is the first part of contact for food in the digestive system. Our mouth and teeth aid in digestion by beginning to break down our food. 

What is a Scale and Polish? 

A dental scale and polish is a highly effective way of removing plaque, staining and calculus (Tartar) build-up, which usually occurs in the difficult to reach areas of your teeth. These areas of build-up are too calcified to remove at home, without a professional scale and polish.


The scale and polish cost can be seen in our fee guide. In Meath Dental Clinic this dental hygienist treatment is carried out by dentists. 


What dental devices are used to clean my teeth? 

A teeth scale and polish involves your teeth being scaled or cleaned initially using a sophisticated Ultrasonic Scaler device, which uses a high frequency vibration, along with a constant stream of water, to remove plaque, tartar and staining from your teeth.


We then often complete the treatment by polishing your teeth, using a motorised rubber cup and polishing paste. Polishing your teeth helps remove any remaining stains and leaves your teeth feeling smooth, fresh and clean.


The time for how long does a scale and polish take can vary depending on the staining present.

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What to expect from teeth scaling and polishing?


Most patients will not experience any discomfort or sensitivity during a scale and polish procedure. We always give the option of local anesthetic for this procedure, particularly if you have experienced pain, major discomfort, or heightened sensitivity during a scale and polish in the past.


It is very important that you let us know if you require some numbing for your routine cleaning, so we can make the experience as pain free and as comfortable as possible for you. As such there should not be a time a patient asks does a scale and polish hurt. 


People might ask does a scale and polish whiten your teeth. Yes it can give the appearance of whiter teeth as the superficial staining is removed. Proper whitening of your teeth is carried out after they are cleaned and you will find information on this in our teeth whitening section. 

Good Oral Hygiene:

This refers to both your ideal cleaning at home along with regular maintenance cleaning at the dentist. 


Good oral hygiene is one of the best ways to prevent tooth decay and gum issues. There is also breakthrough research to suggest that by having healthy gums, this significantly reduces your risk of heart disease.


At The Meath Dental Clinic, we aim to give our patients adequate time to explain and ensure that you are educated on proper at home care of your teeth. Our skilled dentists use their expertise to thoroughly examine your teeth, to clean your teeth and complete all screening tests to a very high standard. At each visit, your gums are examined and screened for gum disease or gum issues. 


Benefits of a Regular Scale and Polish regime: 

By attending your dentist regularly for scale and polish appointments, you are statistically more likely to avoid needing major dental work in the future. Regular scale and polish dentist appointments can help prevent or reverse early-stage gum disease. Having your teeth cleaned professionally and at regular intervals helps to eliminate bad breath.

Bad breath can be caused by the build-up of plaque and bacteria, in hard-to-reach areas of your teeth. 


Healthier gums are also the foundation for all dentistry. In order to get any cosmetic or restorative dentistry completed, patients should ideally have optimal gum health. By having your teeth regularly cleaned, it also helps to restore and maintain your natural, bright and beautiful smile. 

PRSI Dental Examination, Scale & Polish

You may be eligible for a dental exam with scaling and polishing price for that calendar year for €15 in total. All of our dentists are registered providers of the PRSI dental scheme. When you are booking in with us, we can investigate for you, if you are eligible for this PRSI dental scheme. In order for us to find out if you are eligible, our receptionist will require your consent to check online using your PPSN and date of birth. 


If you are not eligible for the PRSI Dental Scheme, we can still make you an appointment privately if you so wish for your teeth cleaning. We are always delighted to welcome new patients and would be more than happy to accommodate you. 

We look forward to welcoming you at The Meath Dental Clinic for your next scale and polish appointment. 

Why Choose Meath Dental Clinic in Dublin

We provide some of the best Dental Treatments in Dublin. We are known for the best, affordable, and painless dental treatments with quick appointments and timely solutions


What Our Clients Say

Honestly amazing! I came in here crying with worry over my teeth and the dentist was so kind to me and she calmed me down so much by explaining everything in detail. She showed so much compassion towards me and was able to explain dental procedures in a way that I can understand. I wouldn't go anywhere else now.
Favourite dental clinic I have been to. Staff are second to none. Beautiful waiting room and ultra modern and clean facility. It is less than a 10 minute walk from Stephen's Green where I work. Didn't realise how close it is which is another bonus. Will be returning.
Brilliant Dentists! A family member highly recommended this team of dentists to me and I can see why. Very thorough dental exam and the first time anyone has attempted to explain properly, what is going on with my teeth. 5 stars.
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