What is a Denture?


A denture is a restoration that replaces one, some or all the teeth that you need to remove to clean or at night.


We can lose teeth for many reasons. Teeth may not develop with normal growth or be lost due to disease or trauma. In these cases a denture can help with the cosmetic defect and improve the function for patients. 

Are there different types of dentures?

There certainly are different sorts of dentures and they also may have different functions. There are metal based dentures (Cobolt Chromium) and there are plastic dentures (acrylic) which function differently.


The Acrylic Denture is a great solution if there are no teeth remaining or if there are very few. If there are sufficient teeth you should get a metal based denture (Cobolt Chromium) as they rely on the teeth to be well held in place and for support. As such they are much better for your gum and tooth health and function much more like real teeth than the plastic denture.

Temporary Dentures:

We often make temporary dentures to give people a cosmetic and functioning mouth while other treatments are occurring. For example if you lose a tooth that we are replacing with an implant or bridge the denture might be a good solution until you get the definitive fixed restoration fixed in place.

Are Dentures the best Solution for some people?

They certainly are depending on your situation. Some of the times a denture might be the best solution may include the following:


  • Where implants are not possible due to insufficient bone or gum being present.
  • Where cleaning is difficult they can help as once removed are easy to clean and any remaining teeth are easier to clean.
  • If a large defect is present where not only the teeth but the adjoining gum and bone are missing a denture can be the best solution. Replacing all the missing tissue can restore the whole face and provide a solution, for some people, that would give an improvement in facial aesthetics that will surpass even a face lift. 
  • If finances are limited a good denture can be an excellent solution
  • Where the teeth are worn down or in a damaging bite a well-designed denture can give improved function and protect the remaining teeth.

What is an overdenture?

Your jaw bone will only remain if there are teeth present. As such if you lose all the roots that support the teeth then the jaw will resorb away. This can be dramatic and may result in an inability to wear a denture in future or make implants impossible.


By retaining some roots of the teeth or placing some implants we can maintain the jaw bone and provide a long lasting restoration and prevent bone loss in the jaw.


If we place implants then attachments can be used to hold the denture solidly in place and if a bar overdenture is made this can look and function much more like your natural teeth.

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