Crowns & Bridges

What is a Crown or Bridge?


People often wonder what is a dental crown and it’s a restoration for the visible part of the tooth in your mouth. The dental crown procedure is carried out in the clinic and made in a dental laboratory and then cemented onto the tooth that is present.


Prior to the crown being made the dentist will need to shape the tooth so the new crown can be placed (cemented) on top of this.

Crowns & Bridges Dublin

Crowns are the most versatile dental restoration and can be used to improve your teeth in many ways including colour and shape. Dentists primarily place crowns to protect the remaining tooth structure to prevent future damage.


As crowns completely surround the remaining tooth they structurally brace the tooth making the tooth crown combination stronger than the damaged tooth on its own. Examples of these and dental bridges can be seen in our smile gallery. 

What is a dental bridge?

These are like crowns but larger and can replace missing teeth. If missing teeth the tooth supported bridge sits on some teeth that are present and this holds the missing teeth giving a wonderful functional and aesthetic fixed replacement for missing teeth.


Our dental bridge prices are in our fee guide section as is how much is a crown in Ireland at our clinic. 

What are the reasons I may need a crown?

Teeth that are broken down:

If a tooth has been compromised so a lot of it is missing then a crown can be placed on the remaining tooth to restore the original shape and appearance.

Teeth may be broken down due to being fractured, having dental decay or because they have worn down. If large fillings are present then a tooth becomes more likely to fracture and a crown may be suggested.


After Root Treatment:

This may also be called having a root canal treatment root filling or even a root canal. The middle of your tooth is alive (nerve or pulp) and due to injury (from decay or damage) this may be removed and a special filling placed known as a root treatment.


This procedure seals where the nerve was stopping you getting any infection or pain from the tooth. After this a crown is often suggested to strengthen the remaining tooth preventing fracture and tooth loss.


If a crown is placed it needs to be well made and fit very well or the root treatment may leak and bacteria could cause an infection below the tooth. This is one of the many reasons you should never have low quality crowns.



Tooth Crack: Teeth have to last most of our lifetime (if we are lucky) and due to wear and tear they can crack which often then leads to the tooth breaking and requiring extraction. If your dentist notices a significant tooth crack they will urgently suggest it is crowned so this crack cannot extend resulting in tooth loss. The crown will act like a plaster on a broken arm. 

Cosmetics: Teeth that are worn down, have a bad colour, are heavily filled or are in a bad position may be improved with crowns for teeth. As the crown covers the old tooth completely they can drastically improve the colour and shape of teeth. This has huge potential in improving your smile. This gives a great type of cosmetic dentistry in Dublin.


Implants: A dental implant is a replacement for the root of a missing tooth. The root is the part of the tooth you do not see and is below the gum. A crown may be placed on an implant to provide you with a new tooth where you previously had a tooth removed. 


What are they made of?

Dental crowns and bridges can be made of many materials. The zirconia crown is very popular now and they provide excellent aesthetics and are more conservative compared to other crowns. That is they are a more gentle crown to prepare the tooth for compared to some of the other techniques. The same materials are used in a dental bridge but a zirconia bridge can also be a more gentle approach. 

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