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We offer implants at our Dublin clinic to replace a single tooth, multiple or all teeth with fixed bridges. Patients often have a number of questions about what implants are and what they can do for them.

Implants are a small titanium screw which replaces the root of the tooth.

Once it is healed in the bone, it can be restored with a crown which looks, feels and functions just like a normal tooth when it was healthy, natural and beautiful. 


Best Dental Implants Dublin

Implants have many advantages including looking just like a natural tooth, not damaging adjacent teeth and having a high success rate. They restore your bite and function so you can eat the steak you can’t eat with a missing tooth. Implants feel just like natural teeth and don’t decay. They need to be cared for however similar to normal teeth to avoid any issues.

Implants are an excellent restoration for people who want to replace a single missing tooth. If you have no teeth, implants can replace all your teeth to give you stable dentures that don’t move about when you chew your food or we can place a fixed bridge that cannot be taken out so the restoration is more like real fixed teeth.

If you are looking for a reliable dentist in town, we are here to help. We are known for the best, affordable, and painless dental treatments with quick appointments and timely solutions.

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What are dental implants used for?

A tooth implant can be used to help you in many aspects of your dental care.

They can replace single, multiple or all teeth with fixed bridges

Two implants can help retain a denture for anyone struggling with retaining their denture or if it doesn’t feel stable. Other applications include to aid orthodontics and bone maintenance.


What are the steps involved?

The procedure is customised to your exact clinical situation however the replacement of a single tooth would normally involve the following steps.


The failed tooth is removed and a temporary restoration (tooth) is supplied so you never have to go without a tooth.


Some weeks later the implant is placed involving very careful and gentle insertion of the titanium implant at the location of a previous tooth.


A few months later the implant can be used to support a new tooth that will function and look much like a natural tooth.

Why implants at The Meath Dental Clinic?


Dr. Mark Condon, our Dublin based dental implant expert, has many years’ experience both placing dental implants in Ireland and restoring them. He is a specialist prosthodontist with years of additional training in these procedures.


Dr. Condon has presented nationally and internationally on dental implants and teaches advanced restorative procedures in the Dental Hospital at Trinity College Dublin.


We only use proven materials and work with the world’s best dental implant companies and laboratories. Our main laboratory, where your restorations are constructed, is unequalled in the level of aesthetics and quality produced. They work exclusively for a handful of select specialist practices. Many patients find the dental implants cost to be less than expected and we can help with this aspect of treatment. 


What are the advantages of dental implants?


Dental implants have a number of advantages including:

  • Good success rates (95% still in function after 10 years)
  • Very aesthetic result – looks like a natural tooth
  • Conservative – doesn’t affect teeth on either side
  • Restores function to improve biting and chewing
  • Doesn’t decay like natural teeth
  • Maintains bone in the area of the implant

Do I need to look after my implants?


Absolutely yes. We mention this as sometimes people believe implants require no care or maintenance. They do however need to be kept thoroughly clean (as teeth do) and you will need to attend for regular check ups to ensure they are working perfectly.


What next?


For the best dental implant types and care in Ireland you will need to attend for a full assessment. The specialist will be able to tell you quickly if implants are suitable for you and give you an idea of the dental implants cost. You can see dental implants before and after in our smile gallery.


“Regarding the tooth and implant cost we will ensure you have an understanding of not only the procedures required and the steps but also the cost for these and any other options that may be available to you.”


With advanced cases we may need additional X-rays to assess the bone fully to ensure enough bone is present. If there is insufficient bone we have many procedures to recreate your bone and even gums if needed. 

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We provide some of the best Dental Implants in Dublin. We are known for the best, affordable, and painless dental treatments with quick appointments and timely solutions

We Offer A Full Range Of Dental Treatments
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What Our Clients Say

Honestly amazing! I came in here crying with worry over my teeth and the dentist was so kind to me and she calmed me down so much by explaining everything in detail. She showed so much compassion towards me and was able to explain dental procedures in a way that I can understand. I wouldn't go anywhere else now.
Favourite dental clinic I have been to. Staff are second to none. Beautiful waiting room and ultra modern and clean facility. It is less than a 10 minute walk from Stephen's Green where I work. Didn't realise how close it is which is another bonus. Will be returning.
Brilliant Dentists! A family member highly recommended this team of dentists to me and I can see why. Very thorough dental exam and the first time anyone has attempted to explain properly, what is going on with my teeth. 5 stars.
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