Dental Check Up

What is in a dental check-up?


Dental check-ups are not only about the teeth! During a dental check up an oral cancer screening and  gum health exam is carried out. Often we will also examine the muscles and joints in your jaws as well!


At Meath Dental Clinic we will thoroughly check your teeth and gums are healthy and review any concerns you might have. A dental plan will also be made for you if required.

How much is a dental check-up?

Many times, dental check-ups are free! How is it free??? There are several different ways!


PRSI dental check-up: Have you been making contributions to your PRSI? Finally put those contributions to good use! To see if you qualify, give us a call and with your permission we can use your PPS number to see if you qualify for a free PRSI exam. It is that easy to get a free dental check up if eligible!


Insurance: Many insurance policies cover exam and cleans twice per year. An example of this is DeCare insurance, for whom we are a preferred provider! If you have DeCare insurance, just give us a call with your policy number and your exam and cleaning are completely free!


With other insurance providers such as Laya, VHI, Irish Health etc, payment is required however we provide all the necessary paperwork to have this claimed back.


Please check with your insurance provider as there are many different policies!

Why do I need a dental check up?

Prevention is key! Many restorative procedures can be avoided by regular 6 month check-ups. An example is a small cavity. If the small cavity is caught early enough, a simple tooth filling can be used to restore the tooth to healthy functional tooth again.


If that small cavity becomes too big, the dentist may say the tooth needs to be restored with a crown. If that big cavity irritates the nerve then a root canal treatment or tooth extraction and implant may be needed. 


Another example is gum disease. If gum disease is caught early in the reversible stage (gingivitis), a regular cleaning and good home care can prevent serious long term irreversible gum disease (periodontal disease). 


Prevention is always key! With regular maintenance and by following our advice you can look forward to a healthy and trouble free dental lifetime.

Why Choose Meath Dental Clinic in Dublin

We provide some the best Dental care in Dublin. We are known for the best, affordable, and painless dental treatments with quick appointments and timely solutions

We Offer A Full Range Of Dental Treatments
In A Modern and Caring Environment


What Our Clients Say

It was my first time here and they were fantastic the dentist was fantastic and so was the nurse. The receptionist was very helpful and friendly. This Clinic is the type of place you want to return to.
Fantastic clinic. Staff and Dentists are highly skilled and very professional. Will be recommending this clinic to everyone I know.
Fantastic clinic. Staff and Dentists are highly skilled and very professional. l have recommend this clinic to family and friends who have also had a great experience here 🙂 3
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