Root Canal Treatment

What is a root canal? 


A root canal treatment (also technically called endodontic root treatment or pulpectomy) is a dental procedure where a dentist removes the tiny nerve within the tooth which is usually the cause of the pain or infection.



In this procedure a small access hole is created in the top of the tooth and the nerve is removed from the roots of the tooth. Due to this access cavity, for back teeth the dentist might recommend a crown after the procedure to prevent any further damage. (See crowns)

Root Canal Treatment Dublin

What is the difference between a root canal and root canals? 


Technically a root canal is a slight misnomer. A root canal in dentistry refers to the canal inside of the root of the tooth that contains the nerve.


The number of root canals each tooth has varies from person to person, however generally front teeth have one root canal, however some molars can have 6+ canals!


While technically the correct term is root canal treatment, pulpectomy or endodontic treatment, if you say root canal we understand what you are saying!

Are root canals painful? 


Yikes! In the past these root canal procedures had a bad reputation, however that is not the case anymore. During root canal treatment, local anesthetic is given and many patients actually fall asleep during the procedure!


When the nerve becomes irreversibly damaged, the nerve starts to die and gives pain. The pain is usually described as dull achy pain that keeps you up at night. The nerve dying also can cause an infection at the tip of the root of the tooth giving you an abscess.


This pain is typically referred to as a bad toothache. In the cases where the nerve is dying or necrosed, root canal treatment or extraction are the only options.


Another time where a root canal treatment may be necessary is if the tooth is so badly broken down a post and core is needed to build up the tooth be able to place a crown.


Again this reiterates the need for regular check-ups! Prevention is the key!

In pain? What to do next? 


Give us a call right away! When speaking with our highly skilled front of house team, make sure you describe what you are feeling and ask for an emergency root canal treatment. An Emergency root canal treatment is the same process as above and typically gets you out of pain by the time anesthetic wears off! 


How much is a root canal treatment? 


Root Canal treatments are very exacting and precise dental procedure and are carried out by our dentists in Dublin with high magnification to see all the tiniest of details. Root Canal treatment difficulties varies dramatically from tooth to tooth and person to person. Many teeth have one large canal, which is significantly easier than teeth with multiple smaller canals.

The price for root canal treatment is in our fee guide. For certain really difficult cases, the general dentist may refer you to a specialist in Dublin, called an endodontist. An endodontist only carries out root canal treatments. 


Root canal side effects? 


While statistically root canals are 90%+ successful in most cases, root canal treatment is an extremely precise procedure. At Camden Dental Clinic, we use the most modern up to date endodontic techniques, materials and the best quality equipment. Even with the most modern equipment and using high magnification, occasionally there are some complications.


Some of the complications include perforations (where a tiny hole is made outside of the nerve canal) and having files that remove the nerve occasionally break. At Camden clinic, we use high magnification to prevent perforations and we use brand new files every time to reduce the chance of any files breaking! 


After the root canal treatment is completed it is not uncommon to have a little sensitivity for a couple of days, however it is generally much less pain than before the root canal treatment was carried out! 

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