New Denture Advice

Now that you have your new denture/s it is important to keep them clean. It is vital that you treat them as you would your natural teeth. Thorough cleaning can prevent gum inflammation and bacterial or fungal infections.

It is recommended that you clean them TWICE a day, once in morning after you have eaten breakfast and last thing at night.


Cleaning Your Dentures

  • When cleaning your dentures make sure that you clean them over a bowl of water in case you drop them in the sink. Ensure that you clean all the surfaces of the dentures, including the surfaces which are in contact with your gums. Avoid scrubbing too hard as this may damage the denture surface.
  • There are many different denture cleaning products available, but most dentists still recommend a small headed soft toothbrush and ordinary unscented soap. Specialist soaking solutions can help in removing staining and bacteria. However we do not recommend that you use these solutions overnight or on a regular basis.
  • It is important NOT to use any type of bleaching product as this in time can weaken the denture as well as altering the colour of the pink acrylic and tooth shade.

Cleaning Dentures with Soft Lining

  • If your denture has a soft lining (your dentist will tell you if you have one) you may have to check with the dentist before using any cleaning or fixative products as they may damage the lining.

Cleaning Metal Dentures

  • You may have a metal denture in which case the cleaning procedure remains the same. However it is ESSENTIAL that you DO NOT leave them in any soaking solutions for longer than 10 MINUTES as some commercial products can damage metal. Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions before use.

Leaving Dentures Out at Night

  • We recommend removing your dentures at night to give your mouth a chance to rest. If you do remove your dentures make sure you place them in a container of plain water. This prevents the acrylic from drying out and cracking.

Regular Dental Visits

  • If you have a full set of false teeth it is still important to visit your dentist regularly as other areas of your mouth are routinely checked. These include the soft parts like your tongue and cheeks. Any mouth infections or conditions can therefore be picked up at the earliest stage.
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